But We’re Not Lions!

The animals were mighty and magnificent, but they were miserable! For way too long, they’d been forced to become something that didn’t feel right – something that felt too much like bad days and scratchy things. The animals needed a hero, or someone to show them that a hero was in each of them all along.

A book about boundaries, peer pressure and self-acceptance – and a reminder for all kids that the very best thing about them, is them.

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From: $20.90

From: $20.90

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10 reviews for But We’re Not Lions!

  1. SandyP (verified owner)

    Karen’s books are always favorites with my child clients and their families, and this is no exception. What a fun and humorous way to learn about boundaries!

  2. Sarah (verified owner)

    The art is gorgeous and the story is sweet and accessible to everyone.

  3. Geraldine S (verified owner)

    I loved this story and the characters. It was very timely for my grandkids as they were having some issues with boundaries. Well explained with a great message. I passed this on to my son to read to his kids and they loved the story.
    Beautifully presented.

  4. Solen (verified owner)

    Thank you for this book!!! It was a fun read :)) This and more books like this to come will help children around the world and help immensely with their healthy development.

  5. Peter S (verified owner)

    These books are all truly wonderful! Just what we were looking for! Thanks! 🙂

  6. Lupe S (verified owner)

    Wow!! Love your books. Everything I have order has been beautifully and carefully wrapped. The books and their messages are amazing. I work with young people and they help them understand concepts we are learning in therapy so much better. Thank you.

  7. Erin (verified owner)

    Gorgeous book and illustrations that teaches the value of self acceptance and boundaries in a really fun way. I really appreciate the conversation prompters at the back of all Karen’s books to help to guide parents/carers to discuss these really important topics with their children.

  8. Susan R (verified owner)

    Excellent message! Compliments the strategy that I teach my students to use when someone says something hurtful to them; to put up their “invisible shield” to deflect the hurtful words. The “invisible shield” is positive self-talk: student’s strengths and positive qualities. This strategy empowers the student to focus on themselves, and not give power to the hurtful words or actions.

  9. Carmen D (verified owner)

    Hi I was delighted to received books wrapped in lovely paper with a sticker sealing it. A lovely touch. Beautiful messages in this and another book I purchased. I would have like the pictures to be abit more colourful though to appeal to kids a little more. Pleased with my purchase

  10. Robyn C

    Excellent child level explanation about acceptance and bullying giving the child excellent skills to deal with it on a day to day basis! Love the soft toy amygdala to cuddle too! It is a concrete object the child can hang on to so they can understand the abstract concepts of their brain!

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